President’s Message

Aloha BOMA members and friends.

At the 2018 BOMA Hawaii Board installation, I shared my story and lessons learned about relationships throughout my career.  Starting from 21 years ago, from when I was a Parking Attendant and identifying every person that I’ve crossed paths with over the years.  The amazing part of it all is that I’ve crossed paths with most, on multiple occasions, at different capacities and scenarios.

I realize that every person I’ve crossed paths with throughout my career, regardless of the circumstance, is a contributor to my success. Further illustrating to our Members on how relationships contribute to our character, the success of our career and all aspects of life, I shared a poem written by an unknown author called “A Reason, A Season or A Lifetime”. In summary, it described that when a person is in your life for a REASON, it’s usually to meet a need you have expressed and nothing more.  A person may come into your life for a SEASON, to bring you an experience of peace, make you laugh or teach you something new.  Then LIFETIME relationships will teach you life lessons that must be built upon to have a solid emotional foundation.

I encourage you to think and remember everyone you’ve crossed paths with throughout your career, regardless of the circumstance.  Continue to remind yourself that they’ve contributed to your success in some way and be grateful for them.

I strongly believe that being part of BOMA Hawaii enables both our Building and Allied Members to build great partnerships with each other.  Thank you to our loyal Members and Sponsors for your continued support.  It is realized that the organization wouldn’t be the success it is today without you. Please continue to reach out to other people you feel could benefit from being part of BOMA Hawaii.

We have an exciting line up of events for the year, starting with our Annual Building Member Meeting and All Members Pau Hana in February and an informative breakfast meeting on the 2018 BOMA Legislative Landscape, which will be held at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in March.

Have a great start to the New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!


Carlie Woodward-Dela Cruz (S)
BOMA Hawaii
2018 President